Hamstrings & Wall Decals

Woke up today with the most sore hamstring. Called up my boss and told him what happened. I had started working out about a week ago. Almost did a gym, but the cost was just sooooo much and I thought ‘Hey, I can do this in my living room for now.’ I looked up some leg workouts I could do at home with pretty much no equipment (check this one out):

I grew up the little sister of two older brothers, so, haha, I tried to do a little more than I can do…YET. I took a sick day today. Maybe I just needed a day to be on my own and think about where things are going now.

I’ve been looking at ways I can decorate my walls with a very small budget. I’m renting for now. The landlord says we can make changes, but of course we’re going to have to pay for those changes when we move out (not IF we move out, but definitely WHEN we move out).

I found this on YouTube from a company called Dana Decals. It looks simple enough. I know this is something I could do with some tape and paint, but I’m trying to keep the process simple. I don’t want to sit down and measure out the wall, tape it off, get the paint, and then the paint runs out, or some of the paint doesn’t match when I go back for more (for the record, this happened to my Dad once when he was repainting the living room for my Mom…long story for another time).

I checked out their website for other things (I’m not looking for a triangle tree for my room, though what they did with the Christmas tree idea came out supercute!). It says the vinyl is removable. It’s some kind of indoor stuff that sticks to walls but comes off easy enough without tearing up the paint (which I really don’t want).

I’m going to check things out a little more and get back to you guys.

So far I’m liking this one below. I would love to put this above my bed. What do you guys think?





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