Baking Or Bakery

My roommate likes to make these smoothies every morning. The kitchen stays a mess until she comes back in the evening and cleans everything up. Except sometimes she doesn’t clean things up. Which makes me want to bake less than I already do, although I really want to try this brownie recipe I saw on Pinterest the other day.

I saw these swings on Little Green Notebook that are awesome. We are waaayyy too old for these, but I still want them. Maybe not as high, though.


I think if I had enough money to buy everything I wanted for my place, I’d make this whimsical little place where I can come home and relax. I’d have a blank space for working against, and then I’d sit in my little swing in the living room. The living room would have these little swings, and definitely the big fluffy bag for relaxing. Just a big open space to come home to and take it easy in.

There would be some kind of inspirational saying in almost every room. Just little wall quote decorations to pick me up when I need it, and even keep me up when I’m not feeling down. Some days I feel a little down. My Mom says that’s normal. She used to feel down at my age, too. She still gets down these days, just not anymore the same way I do. She worries about me.

There’s this phrase I saw the other day that I’d love to have made into a wall quote. “You are not the sum of someone else’s expectations.” That would make an awesome quote on a wall. I would even stick a frame on the wall around it. I want to put that up on my wall next to something Winnie the Pooh. Winnie the Pooh always had these very subtle, softspoken bits of wisdom. Little things to remind Pooh and Piglet they were more than they thought they weren’t.

I look for thigs in my budget when decorating. Lots of thrifting on Sundays sometimes. If I get bored, I just go to a few stores in one afternoon.


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